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Walking Track

Effective January 31, 2018 on Wednesday's the walking track will close at 5pm.

About Northern Lights Arena:

Northern Lights Arena (NLA) is the only facility in Northeast Michigan to provide two first-class, official NHL sized ice rinks within one building, a full on-sight concession stand, eight (8) full service locker rooms, and an indoor 1/8 mile rubberized walking/running track. Our state of the art primary rink, The Pond, provides seating for 1,200, and two (2) Private skyboxes.

For the 2017 calendar year, we hosted 14 Tournaments, which brought 108 teams and over 1620 Families (an average of 15 families per team) to the area!  The Alpena CVB estimated that travelling families spend $120-$150/person, per day when you include lodging, meals, shopping, etc.  On the low end, if we define a family as 3 people, and use the $120/person, per day, we come up with $1.45 Million dollars from TOURNAMENTS ALONE!  Keep in mind that tournaments are a Friday –Sunday, and we estimated the number of days at 2.5.

1620 families x 3 people/family = 4860 people;  4860 people x $120 = $583,200;  $583,200 x 2.5 days = $1,458,000! 

Added to that, are the games that the Alpena Hockey Association hosts.  98 games!  That is approximately 49 different teams (they usually play each team twice), and over 735 families to the area.  These games were usually played in 1 day, although approximately 1/3 had teams in the area overnight.

Using the same math:  735 families x 3 people/family = 2205 people; 2205 x $120 (1 day) = $264,600!

The above information does not include Alpena High School or ACC Lumberjack games.

We also host a number of non-ice events such:  Boat Show, Circus, Vintage Snowmobile Show, Classic Car Show, Roller Skating, Roller Derby and several school fun days.


Weekend Walking Track Hours

Walking track hours for this weekend:
Friday February 23, 9am-6pm

Saturday February 24  9:30am-6pm

Sunday February 25, 9:30am - 5pm



Ice Rates

Updated Drop-In Rates - $7/hour

{Includes Sticks & Pucks, Drop In Hockey, Drop In Figure Skating}

OPEN SKATE/GLOW SKATE - $5 admission, Free Skate Rental

Ice Calendar

Master Ice Schedule

Northern Lights Arena

Northern Lights Arena is a premier twin-sheet facility located in Alpena, Michigan.  Opened in 2003, our facility is the result of a dedicated community effort to build Northeast Michigan's first indoor ice arena.

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RC Hockey Shop - Located in the Arena!

Home of the Alpena Community College Lumberjack Hockey Team

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